Online Speech and Language Therapy services

Throughout 2020/2021 we have seen the pressures on families and individuals who have struggled to receive the support they need with their communication needs. This has primarily been due to the COVID restrictions, and now that these restriction are mostly lifted, there is a significant waiting list with the NHS.

We understand that communication is such a fundamental part of our development, and in many cases we understand that an individual would not want to wait the 8-12 months to see a specialist. That’s why we have invested and worked to build an online support programme for new and existing clients that can be delivered remotely via a suite of online tools.

These programmes are modelled around our existing direct therapy programme, but utilise various online platforms depending on the type of session being delivered.

Initial Assessment

  • From £120, for a comprehensive Speech and Language Assessment using specialist assessment software and screen sharing.
  •  Full review of prior records before assessment 
  • Summary report following assessment

Online Therapy Sessions

  • £80 per hour
  •  7 day email follow-up support per session 
  •  Carryover summary therapy activity plan  

Online Parent/Carer/Teacher Training Sessions

Fees and Packages discussed on needs led basis 

Bespoke training packages to discuss individuals communication needs and advice on implementation of therapy and therapy strategies.

Additional Report writing time where full Comprehensive Report Required

  • £70 per hour
  • For assessments requiring a detailed report to support processes such as evidencing an EHCP, additional report writing time will be added to the initial assessment costs.  
  • A cap of 3 hours will be placed on report writing depending on the complexity of the case. The predicted report writing time will be discussed with you prior to commencing the report. 

Comprehensive Therapy Programmes with Resources following Online Session

Fees and Packages discussed on needs led basis 
  • Comprehensive therapy plan with agreed goals 
  • Provision of printable resources 
  • 7 days email / telephone follow up as required – telephone follow up at pre bookable times 

* Need to have had an assessment within the last 6 months,