Initial Assessments

Assessments are carried out within the home, school or support environments accessed by an individual (i.e day services, respite care). We look holistically at the individual across a range of settings to see how they communicate functionally and assess how we may support that individual to develop their communication skills.

  • An assessment typically last up to 90 minutes. 
  • As part of the assessment process case history will be collated with the individual and their support network.
  • Assessments carried out may be formal (using standardised assessment tools) or informal (observational/non standardised assessment activities).
  • Each assessment carried out will be tailored to the individuals needs.
  • Following the assessment you will be provided with a comprehensive report that will detail the findings of our assessment and suggest a plan of therapeutic support. The report will be provided within 10 working days of the assessment.
  • Following an assessment you are under no obligation to engage in a therapy plan with us. 

Initial Assessment

Face to Face / Home or School
From £165
  • 90 minutes visit
  • Full review of prior records before assessment
  • Comprehensive report following assessment
  • 15 days email or telephone follow up support

Our Other Services

Direct Speech & Language Therapy

Individual therapy sessions can be delivered following a recent comprehensive assessment either by our service or following a recent (within the last 6-12 months, depending on the individuals age and needs), assessment by another qualified Speech and Language therapist.

Support Network Training

We can provided bespoke training packages for an individual and their support networks at home, within schools or support services, to ensure people understand the individuals communication and interaction needs and how best to support them.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems

An Augmentative and Alternative Communication system is a means of communication which either supports or provides and alternative means of communication, to spoken communication. These systems are often referred to as high tech or low tech communication systems.